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Hi little choux ! How are you ? Today, I wanted to start the week with a positive note : the presentation of the blog Fashion Pastry, which is my favorite blog.

• Fashion Pastry, is definitely a “must see” blog, as well for its content as for its owner : my sweet and so talented friend, Teekay.

(Credits image :  ©Fashion Pastry by Teekay Original)

Who is FashionPastry by Teekay Original ?

She’s a beautiful south african girlliving in Paris for 10 years, which makes her a bilingual English/French young lady. Fashion-bloger full of talent, she gathers items of all brands, of all kinds of price, but mostly affordable things, (Zara, Forever21, H&M, …), and always know how to bring them together in order to make an outfit worth of a fashion show.

Even so, she is an authentic woman, who stays humble and who embraces her body the same way she embraces life. But the best part is that, if I had to tell things in the most simple way, I would say that not only is it not a blog : “If you have more weight than me, you’re out.”, but not even a blog : “If you don’t have my curves, you’re not in.”. It’s a blog : “Hello, so here it is, I put on that top, with that, with those accessories in order to give that kind of spirit to my outfit, because I think that it suits women. What do you think ?”. Yes my loves, a blog about fashion, for the love of style and sharing. If that is not cute !

Her shootings are made possible thanks to Nanamybrass, her “Beau” as she calls him, who always knows how to bring the best of her in his photos, (is there a better lens than the eyes of the man who loves us ? I don’t think so.), but don’t be fooled : Teekay masters this art just as well !

Besides her photoshoots absolutely insanes, (no, really : I love them !), she is also the flatlays queen, which are the photos taken from above after gathering items spread on a support, (bed, floor, couch, changing table if it pleases you, you’re the boss !). And when I say “the queen”, believe me, I mean it. She works so much on them that honestly, they look like magazines’ ones. And believe me, I am not saying that because I am lucky enough to count her as my friend : you only need to get a glance at her photos to agree with me. Her work is my best defence. She arranges colors to create a harmony, she always tries to put a reference in her photos, something to find, like a tresor. It’s beautiful, it’s worked on, you see that she spent time on it, and yet, it looks like an evidence. As if everything was there, waiting to be immortalized, when in fact, she is the one who thought about it, until the way the cloth falls.

But FashionPastry wears perfectly its name since she also shares with us – from the FashionPastry’s Kitchen –  recipes : generally dietetics ones but sometimes also some “WhyDidYouTemptMeIWasSupposedToResistButItWillBeSoGoodThatIThankYou” !

She also takes us on vacation with her, (in particular in Greece, and more recently, to the USA), and going there through her photos, it’s already being there a little !

Living in Paris, we often get some very beautiful photos from la capitale, and it’s really magical to see !

To say a bit more about her, I’d say that she is an ambitious woman, funny, bonne vivante, perfectionist, real, passionate, reachable, simple, stylish, sweet, full of life … A woman, a real one.

She’s a friend, and I’m quite proud of it, I have to admit, but believe me, I’m also a full fan. Her work is amazing, and she reminds us, with every article, how much the impossible becomes possible, as soon as we give it our best.

Fashion Pastry by Teekay Original, it’s the guaranty to find inspiration, art, beauty, hardwork. It’s the guaranty to love and be amazed. But the most beautiful of all, is that no matter how wonderful her work is, the young lady who is behind it stays nature, with a humor and a kindness that know no boundaries.

You too, come take a blast of talent : consult the blog Fashion Pastry ! Tell me if you do, what’s your opinion, but I’m sure that you’ll fall in love as much as I did in front of her work ! And don’t hesitate to tell her that Marion sent you, so I can brag about it, haha !

Xoxo kids, take care of yourselves. ♥

Nota Bene :

◘ I’d just want to add a note to this article, just in case : obviously, this article is spontaneous, which means that by the time I’m writing it, Teekay has no idea that I’m doing it. I wanted to write it for quite a long time and I’m happy that it’s finally here. The concept of a “Share The Love” is different from a “Shout Out For Shout Out” : the first one is a simple share, genuine. It means that I’m doing it because I want to and that I am not expecting anything back, (and I insist Teekay : I AM NOT EXPECTING ANYTHING, because I know you, and your surprises, right ?! ;p). The second one, I don’t like it, it’s a trade of interests, and, I don’t know, it doesn’t sound right to me. Here, I share it because, independently from my own relationship with the person, I love the blog, and that I think that it’s so worth sharing, presenting and discovering. Simply.

◘ I did not post photos from her blog – except for the initials she created – because it is her work and since I did not contact her first to talk about this article, I have no right to publish her photos, you’ll understand it. But I really invite you to click here or there because believe me : it’s worth it !

◘ Her Instagram account is also a must see ! And her Facebook page, without forgetting her Twitter account ! 😉

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